We specialize in hip wear! These are all
custom pieces done to client specifications. What's in
your imagination? We can make that, and it will fit, and
you will love it!

Above and to the right is the lovely
Karen Hersh, in hip panels by The
Small Studio, with Maori manaia

Above, tribal bird embroidery,
incorporating African vulcanized
disks, Turkmen buttons and stencil
painting. Left, long curved scarf  with
applique. fringe and Afghani
medallions, and
saye gosha scarf with
silk panel and ribbon work.
Above, hamsa panels. To the right, Afghani
beadwork embellished with hand-felted
wool fringe, fully lined, with sash closure.

Below, long siren belt with handpainted
center medallion.

Next down, one panel of a pair based on
assiut fabric from Egypt, with extra design

Bottom, two views of a petal belt in action.
Each tab is weighted with an Afghani coin.