The CHOLI... it's not just for tribal dancers anymore. A
choli is delightful to dance in!

A choli that is properly fitted supports like a bra and has the
presence and style possibilities of a blouse, while leaving lots
of breathing room in the back. It is a garment that has
boundless potential in making a look, but only requires a yard
of fabric. Knits are good, but woven fabrics will also work very
well; it's all in the pattern. Small Studio cholis are lined to give
extra support and coverage and wear. They will never gap.

We offer a standard sash tie, a minimal string tie, or a laced
Sam says: I am always experimenting with
new choli treatments for the most flattering,
comfortable, and exciting styles. Lately I have
been inspired by the work of Leon Bakst for
the Ballets Russes, 'thirties Holly wood, and
'sixties hippie days.

Left, a choli with attached velvet apron and puffed 3/4 sleeves. This
one has three related fabrics, and the apron is lined and box pleated.
The bra is shown with it to illustrate how an apron and swagged bra
interact. If you ever have a problem with sensitivity to metal on your
skin, here's a glamorous solution.

Center, details from two cholis: the
black one has smocking formed
by stitching and beading all over.
The metallic choli is transparent,
layered over a skin-colored lining.
It has short ruched sleeves.

Left and right, Hollywood puffed
sleeves and ruched (left) or
pleated (right) sweetheart

Below, vintage Chinese brocade.
Our cholis feature a gusset under the arm for complete
freedom of movement. The cup shape is based on traditional
ethnic garments that are cut with minimal fabric waste, along
straight lines. The laced-back variation is seen at the bottom.