It's WOW fringe (left), handpainted
32" chainette on a narrow black cotton
band. Can be made with ties or Velcro.
A versatile layering piece to add
movement and color, very old school.
Two colors? Three? Your decision.
Softens and gets better and  better
with age and wear.

You Need This (right) if you ever
want to wear a turban.
It's a turban
base, for controlling slippage and
shifting of headdresses wrapped on
shiny, slippery, treacherous hair. It's
also terrific for wearing that special
band of jewelry across your forehead,
the one you don't want to pin in place
every time. Made long, it can be twisted
into the outer headdress layers for
extra security. Made short, it just
disappears under the top layers.
Washable, because sweat happens.
Like underwear for your headdress!
Gauntlet (far left) and cockade (left):
Sure, you can make them from a pair
of tights, but this is sturdy and real
and much nicer!

A cockade is utter luxury reminiscent
of the Raj. These are one of a kind
collages of vintage fabric, feathers,
and glass jewels, on a six-inch pin.
The nib for the pin is also
Turban pins. Tame that turban, and
add a little detail and color.
Necklaces, left and
Made with
treasures from all
over, no two alike.
Collars, bibs and
Headdress elements, one
by one (right)
: If your
flowers and your strands
and your headband are all
separate pieces, they are
much more versatile. We
hand-felt locks to clip in,
either plain or
embellished. We also
supply very high-quality
flower clips, single or in
pairs, to finish the look.
Armlets, custom on an
assiut base, to harmonize
with a suite of accessories